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Our Green Practices

As a paper-goods company, we know the unique feel of paper can never be replaced, so we have a special responsibility to make sure we have paper for decades to come.

Responsible, recycled paper

We exclusively buy Mohawk Fine Papers for all of our cards, envelopes, and other paper goods. While Mohawk papers come at a premium, the extra cost reflects Mohawk's strong environmental record and responsibility. Using Mohawk ensures that all of our papers are sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forests or from recycled fibre. Mohawk papers aren't just from sustainable forest-the wind power they use to create their paper is sustainable too. As a strong believer in the power of responsible forest management, Rainy Day Ink cards are always printed on FSC certified paper by a local FSC certified printer.

Locally sourced

Rainy Day Ink believes in sourcing locally, both to support local vendors and service providers, and to minimize the environmental cost of shipping. Our papers come from a local paper vendor and distributor. When we do need to have items shipped, we do so in bulk to minimize our carbon footprint. Our FSC-certified printer who handles 100% of our printing needs is less than 5 minutes away from Rainy Day HQ. We literally walk over to pick up our card orders.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

At Rainy Day Ink, we exclusively and intentionally use only recyclable products. The plastic sleeves, envelopes and of course, the cards are are recyclable. Even our order and sample packaging can be recycled! Having a highly detailed website means that we don't need to print new paper catalogues every quarter and online ordering is both convenient and paperless.